Effective Recommendation Method Adaptive to Multiple Contexts in Ubiquitous Environments

유비쿼터스 환경에서 다중 상황 적응적인 효과적인 권유 기법

  • 권준희 (경기대학교 정보과학부)
  • Published : 2006.05.01


In ubiquitous environments, recommendation service based on multiple contexts is required. The total amount of information is larger due to the greater number of contexts in multiple context environments. This paper proposes a new effective recommendation method adaptive to multiple contexts in ubiquitous environments. A new method of recommendations in multiple context environments is suggested that uses user's preferences and behavior as a weighting factor. This paper describes the recommendation method, scenario and the experimental results. The results verify that the proposed method's recommendation performance is better than other existing method.


Multiple Contexts;Recommendation;Context Aware Computing;Ubiquitous Environment