Comparative Analysis of Global Game Screening Systems

세계 게임 심의제도 비교분석

  • 김찬수 (호남대학교 게임애니메이션학과) ;
  • 박태순 (호남대학교 게임애니메이션학과)
  • Published : 2006.05.01


Almost all of the nations run a game screening system which is characteristic depending on their communication policy. This article attempted comparative analysis about major nation's game screening systems by comparing three main aspects of their communication policy which are freedom of expression, complete opening of the contents to the public, and the balance between protection of adolescent and promotion of industry. It is shown that the screening system of USA, Europe and Japan stick well by the basic principles of communication policy, on the other hand Korea, South Africa Republic and Australia have some points that need improvement.


Game Screening System;Freedom of Express;Complete Open of the Contents to the Public;Protection of Adolescent;Promotion of Industry