The Meaning and Limitation of Qualitative Research: Comparing with Quantitative Research

질적연구의 의미와 한계: 양적연구와의 비교를 통하여

  • Published : 2006.03.01


Currently, there emerges a high expectation on Qualitative Research in the Korean Management research community. The expectation stems from the problems and critiques of the dominance of Quantitative research in the Korean management research. This study deals with whether Qualitative Research can help solve those problems. First, several confusing terms related to Qualitative research are categorized; next the meaning of 'Qualitative' is discussed and the meaning and role of theory in Qualitative research is presented. Finally, this study provides some suggestions on how to execute Qualitative Research under the context of the dominance of Quantitative Research and recommends adding Qualitative research courses in the Korean Management curriculum.