Analysis of a Plate-type Piezoelectric Composite Unimorph Actuator Considering Thermal Residual Deformation

잔류 열 변형을 고려한 평판형 압전 복합재료 유니모프 작동기의 해석

  • 구남서 (건국대학교 신기술융합학과) ;
  • 우성충 (건국대학교 인공근육연구센터)
  • Published : 2006.04.01


The actuating performance of plate-type unimorph piezoelectric composite actuators having various stacking sequences was evaluated by three dimensional finite element analysis on the basis of thermal analogy model. Thermal residual stress distribution at each layer in an asymmetrically laminated plate with PZT ceramic layer and thermally induced dome height were predicted using classical laminated plate theory. Thermal analogy model was applied to a bimorph cantilever beam and LIPCA-C2 actuator in order to confirm its validity. Finite element analysis considering thermal residual deformation showed that the bending behavior of piezoelectric composite actuator subjected to electric loads was significantly different according to the stacking sequence, thickness of constituent PZT ceramic and boundary conditions. In particular, the increase of thickness of PZT ceramic led to the increase of the bending stiffness of piezoelectric composite actuator but it did not always lead to the decrease of actuation distance according to the stacking sequences of piezoelectric composite actuator. Therefore, it is noted that the actuating performance of unimorph piezoelectric composite actuator is rather affected by bending stiffness than actuation distance.


Piezoelectric Composite Actuator;Classical Laminated Plate Theory;Thermal Analogy Model;Thermal Residual Deformation;Finite Element Analysis


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