A Study on the Light Cylinder Using Chemical Milling

케미컬 밀링을 이용한 실린더 경량화 연구

  • Published : 2006.04.01


The process for reducing the weight of the structure is chiefly performed by the machine processing. But, increasing the weight for strength of welding zone and geometrical defect are occurred in machine processing. In this study, chemical milling is applied to reduce the weight of the cylinder. Before chemical milling is applied to the cylinder, specimen testing is performed. After the specimen testing, NaOH 15% is selected to perform the chemical milling. After the chemical milling, the velocity of reagent is 0.0016 mm/min and the thickness of cylinder is about 2.4 mm after chemical milling.


Chemical Milling;Maskant;Etchant;Lightweight


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