Analysis of Hydrogen Production Cost by Production Method for Comparing with Economics of Nuclear Hydrogen

원자력 수소 경제성 비교를 위한 수소 생산 방법별 생산단가 분석

  • Lim, Mee-Sook (Corporate R&D Center, SK Institute of Technology, SK Corporation) ;
  • Bang, Jin-Hwan (Corporate R&D Center, SK Institute of Technology, SK Corporation) ;
  • Yoon, Young-Seek (Corporate R&D Center, SK Institute of Technology, SK Corporation)
  • 임미숙 (SK(주) 기술원 CRD 연구소) ;
  • 방진환 (SK(주) 기술원 CRD 연구소) ;
  • 윤영식 (SK(주) 기술원 CRD 연구소)
  • Published : 2006.06.15


It can be obtained from hydrocarbon and water, specially production of hydrogen from natural gas is most commercial and economical process among the hydrogen production methods, and has been used widely. However, conventional hydrogen production methods are dependent on fossil fuel such as natural gas and coal, and it may be faced with problems such as exhaustion of fossil fuels, production of greenhouse gas and increase of feedstock price. Thermochemical hydrogen production by nuclear energy has potential to efficiently produce large quantities of hydrogen without producing greenhouse gases. However, nuclear hydrogen must be economical comparing with conventional hydrogen production method. Therefore, hydrogen production cost was analyzed and estimated for nuclear hydrogen as well as conventional hydrogen production such as natural gas reforming and coal gasification in various range.


Nuclear hydrogen;Hydrogen production cost;Natural gas reforming;Coal gasification;Capital cost;Feed cost


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