A Study on the Dynamic Behavior a 3 Span Continuous Extradosed PSC Railway Bridge

3경간 연속 Extradosed PSC 철도교의 동적거동에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2006.04.01


The Extradosed PSC bridge is one of the best alternates which not only covers the longer span than PSC box girder and also performs the role of landmark facility with much cheaper cost than cable stayed bridge. Since the cable-stayed long span bridge is more flexible than general medium span bridges and railway bridges can be experienced resonance phenomenon by repeated equidistant axle loading of the train, it is inevitable to consider the dynamic behavior on impact, deflection and so on. In the present study, the dynamic behavior of an Extradosed PSC railway bridge subjected to moving train forces is analyzed. As well as trains which operate in conventional railway tines, KTX train is also considered. For the estimation of dynamic performances of the Extradosed PSC bridge, vertical deflection, accelerations of the slab, end rotation of the girder and impact on pylons and cables are discussed.



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