Electric Fuel Sender Apparatus for the Vehicles Using CPW Transmission Line

CPW 전송선을 이용한 전자식 자동차용 연료 센더 장치

  • Son Tae-Ho (Department of IT Engineering, Soonchunhyang University)
  • 손태호 (순천향대학교 정보통신공학과)
  • Published : 2006.04.01


Electric fuel sender fur the vehicle fuel gauge system was designed and fabricated based on the CPW(Co-Planer Waveguide) transmission line theory. It is applied on this system that characteristic impedance of RF transmission line can be varied by the surrounded material of the line. By the characteristic impedance owing the level of gasoline or diesel fuel in vehicle fuel tank, CPW line has corresponding reflected signal as much as changed impedance. Detected signal is amplified, and delivered to fuel indicator into cluster unit on dash board. Conventional floating mechanical buoy level gauge has several defects as low reliability and high break down rate by mechanical operation, and has not good linearity for the fuel level difference. CPW line with electric circuits are constructed on 1.6 mm thickness epoxy substrate, and measurement shows that this system has more accurate level and better linearity than conventional mechanical system. New electric fuel sender which has good productivity with long lifetime and low-in-cost by the SMT chip assembling could be replaced this system with conventional floating buoy system.


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