풍력발전기 주축 및 날개 부하 측정시스템의 보정 및 불확실성 해석

A Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis on the Load Monitoring System for a Low Speed Shaft and Rotor Blade of a Wind Turbine

  • 박무열 (강원대학교 대학원 메카트로닉스) ;
  • 유능수 (강원대학교 기계.메카트로닉스공학부) ;
  • 남윤수 (강원대학교 기계.메카트로닉스공학부)
  • 발행 : 2006.05.01


The exact load measurements for the mechanical parts of a wind turbine are important step both fur the evaluation of a specific wind turbine design and for a certification process. A common method for a mechanical load measurement is using a strain gauge sensing. Two main problems ought to be answered in order for this method to be applied to the wind turbine project. These are strain gauge calibration and non-contact signal transmission from the strain gauge output to a load monitoring system. This paper suggests reliable solutions fer these two problems. A Bluetooth, a short range wireless data communication technology, is used to solve the second problem. The first one, the strain gauge calibration methodology for a load measurement in a wind turbine application, is fully explained in this paper. Various mechanical loadings for a strain gauge calibration in a wind turbine load measurement are introduced and analyzed. Initial experimental results which are obtained from a 1 kW small size wind turbine are analyzed, and the uncertainty problem in estimating mechanical loads using a calibration matrix is fully covered in this paper.


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