The Selection of Strategies for Variance Estimation under πPS Sampling Schemes

Kim Sun-Woong

  • 발행 : 2006.04.01


When using the well-known variance estimator of Sen (1953) and Yates and Grundy (1953) in inclusion probability proportional to size sampling, we often encounter the problems due to the calculation of the joint probabilities. Sarndal (1996) and Knottnerus (2003) proposed alternative strategies for variance estimation to avoid those problems in the traditional method. We discuss some of practical issues that arise when they are used. Also, we describe the traditional strategy using a sampling procedure available in a statistical software. It would be one of the attractive choices for design-based variance estimation.


Sen-Yates-Grundy variance estimator;Joint probabilities;Poisson sampling;systematic PPS sampling;Sampford's sampling method


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