Bayesian Modeling of Mortality Rates for Colon Cancer

Kim Hyun-Joong

  • 발행 : 2006.04.01


The aim of this study is to propose a Bayesian model for fitting mortality rate of colon cancer. For the analysis of mortality rate of a disease, factors such as age classes of population and spatial characteristics of the location are very important. The model proposed in this study allows the age class to be a random effect in addition to its conventional role as the covariate of a linear regression, while the spatial factor being a random effect. The model is fitted using Metropolis-Hastings algorithm. Posterior expected predictive deviances, standardized residuals, and residual plots are used for comparison of models. It is found that the proposed model has smaller residuals and better predictive accuracy. Lastly, we described patterns in disease maps for colon cancer.


Mortality rate;Bayesian modeling;Metropolis-Hastings algorithm;Posterior distribution;Disease mapping


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