Stabilizing Control of DC/DC Buck Converters with Constant Power Loads in Continuous Conduction and Discontinuous Conduction Modes Using Digital Power Alignment Technique

Khaligh Alireza;Emadi Ali

  • Published : 2006.03.01


The purpose of this raper is to address the negative impedance instability in DC/DC converters. We present the negative impedance instability of PWM DC/DC converters loaded by constant power loads (CPLs). An approach to design digital controllers for DC/DC converters Is presented. The proposed method, called Power Alignment control technique, is applied to DC/DC step-down choppers operating in continuous conduction or discontinuous conduction modes with CPLs. This approach uses two predefined state variables instead of conventional pulse width modulation (PWM) to regulate the output voltage. A comparator compares actual output voltage with the reference and then switches between the appropriate states. It needs few logic gates and comparators to be implemented thus, making it extremely simple and easy to develop using a low-cost application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) for converters with CPLs. Furthermore, stability of the proposed controllers using the small signal analysis as well as the second theorem of Lyapunov is verified. Finally, simulation and analytical results are presented to describe and verify the proposed technique.


Constant power loads;control;modeling, modeling and analysis;motor drives;negative impedance instability;power alignment;power converters;stability


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