The Prediction for Ground Movement of Urban NATM Tunnels using the Strain-softening Model

도시 NATM 터널의 변형율 연화모델을 이용한 지반거동예측

  • Published : 2006.03.30


In case of an urban tunnel, the displacement of ground base controls the tunnel design because it is built on shallow and unconsolidated ground many times. There are more insufficiency to describe the ground movement which coincides in the measured result of the situ because the design of an urban tunnel is dependent on the method of numerical analysis used to the existing elastic and elasto-plastic models. We studied about the predict ion for the ground movement of a shallow tunnel in unconsolidated ground, mechanism of collapse, and settlement. Also this paper shows comparison with the existing elastic and elasto-plastic model using the unlinear analysis of the strain-softening model. We can model the real ground movement as the increasement of ground surface inclination or occurrence of shear band by using strain-softening model for the result of ground movement of an urban NATM tunnel.


Grant : 터널 시공중 굴착지반의 물성평가 기법 및 그 활용성에 대한 연구

Supported by : 건설교통부