The Establishment and Design of the Science Class in Cyber Space

사이버과학교실시스템 설계 및 구현

  • Published : 2006.12.31


As society has changed to being more knowledge-based, it is indispensable that Internet usage is incorporated into education. Therefore, the e-learning system is being developed in order to provide a proper environment. However, many LCMS that were developed, currently are not based on SCORM, the world e-learning standard, nor KEM, the Korea Educational Metadata of Korea Education & Research Information Service(KERIS), and hence, it is difficult to share learning contents developed from such varied environments. National Science Museum, a non-educational institution, also provides the educational science exhibits in reality or in cyber space, which cannot be produced by elementary schools, and secondary schools. Consequently, new systems are necessary, whose modules should be divided into four, for example, 'teachers', 'learners', 'managers', and 'instructors', and be associated with each other so that they are able to integrate and manage such systems, and be used in school education as well. Therefore, in this study, more advanced LMS and LCMS, which are the web-portal sites used for a cyber science class at the National Science Museum, were designed and established. These sites were surely based on the KEM, and the SCORM.


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