Implementing Effective Blended Learning Engineering Education using Open Source Products

오픈소스를 활용한 효과적 공학 교육의 블렌디드 러닝 구현 방법

  • Ho, Won (Division of Electrical, Electronic, and Control Engineering, Kongju University)
  • 허원 (공주대학교 전기.전자.제어공학부)
  • Published : 2006.12.31


On-line education is activated in many knowledge domains and institutions, the effectiveness is under the question. Even though the role of e-moderator for on-line course is very important, but this role has been abandoned both by instructor and course administrator. On the other hand, open source solutions have made it possible to implement on-line for free of charge, but not many people know how to use it. This paper describes how to install open source on-line learning environment and how to administrate learning by being a good e-moderator. Moodle is selected as an implementing LMS(Learning Management System). The environment is installed and serving well for teaching two engineering education subjects: JAVA and Electrical Machines. The practical tips for installment and administration are presented with examples.


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