Shrinkage Properties of High Performance Concrete Depending on Specimen Size and Constraint of Reinforcing Bar

공시체 크기 변화 및 철근구속에 따른 고성능콘크리트의 수축 특성

  • Published : 2006.02.28


This paper reports the test results for shrinkage properties of low shrinkage high performance concrete developed by the authors depending on specimen size and constraint of reinforcing bar. As properties in fresh concrete low shrinkage high performance concrete(LSHPC) combined with expansive additives and shrinkage reducing admixture resulted in increase SP dosage due to loss of fluidity compared with that of control mixture concrete, while the dosage of AE agent was decreased. LSHPC exhibited higher compressive and tensile strength than control mixture concrete. For the effect of specimen size, an increase in specimen size led to a reduction of drying shrinkage. However, it was found that the autogenous shrinkage was not affected by the specimen size and measuring method. For constraint condition, an increase in the ratio of reinforcing bar caused the slight reduction in the strain of reinforcing bar, while it increased the autogenous shrinkage stress. It was seen that LSHPC was effective to reduce autogenous shrinkage by as much as 70% compared with control mixture high performance concrete.


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