Material and Structural Characteristics of High Performance Permanent Form Using Stainless Steel Fiber

스테인레스 강섬유를 이용한 고성능 영구거푸집의 재료 및 구조적 거동특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2006.02.28


Nowadays, the general stripping work of form has brought some problems; increase of total constructing cost resulted from the man-dependent form work procedure and environmental issues by wasting the debonded form. In this study, to effectively reduce unnecessary cost and resolve the environmental problems caused by these kinds of reason, a permanent form method using stainless steel fiber was introduced then its material and structural characteristics were evaluated. In the case of material characteristic, the permanent form had a good ductile behavior in the result of flexural test of the permanent form panel and pull-out test of insert bolt which is installed in the permanent form and perfect bonding capacity with a field concrete. In the case of structural characteristic, compressive and tensile behavior of the permanent form was evaluated. It also showed a good structural behavior in the view of load-deflection relationship, crack patterns and additional strengthening effect.


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