Probabilistic Prediction and Field Measurement of Column Shortening for Tall Building with Bearing Wall System

초고층 내력벽식 구조물의 기둥축소량에 대한 확률론적 예측 및 현장계측

  • Published : 2006.02.28


Accurate prediction of time-dependent column shortening is essential for tall buildings in both strength and serviceability aspects. The uncertainty associated with assumed values for concrete properties such as strength, creep, and shrinkage coefficients should be considered for the prediction of time-dependent column shortening of tall concrete buildings. In this study, the column shortenings of 41-story tall concrete building are predicted using monte carlo simulation technique based on the probabilistic analysis. The probabilistic column shortenings considering confidence intervals are compared with the actual column shortenings by field measurement. The time-dependent strains measured at tall bearing wall building were generally lower than the predicted strains and the measured values fell within a range ${\mu}-1.64$, confidence level 90%.


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