Design and Verification of MAC Core for 10Gbps Ethernet Application

10Gbps 이더넷 응용을 위한 MAC 코어의 설계 및 검증

  • Published : 2006.05.01


Ethernet has been given a greater attention recently due to tendency of unifying most of transmission technique(not only LAN, but MAN and WAN) to ethernet. Performance evaluation was performed using C language for 10Gbps ethernet Data Link to design the optimum hardware, then internal FIFO size was evaluated. In this paper, MAC core for 10Gbps ethernet which contains high layer interface, transmit engine, flow control block, receive engine, reconciliation sublayer, configuration block, statistics block, and XGMII interface block was designed using VHDL language and Xilinx 6.2i tool and verified using Model_SIM 5.7G simulator. According to the specification of 10Gbps ethernet, MAC core with 64-bit data path should support 156.25MHz in order to support 10Gbps. The designed MAC core that process 64-bit data, operates at 168.549MHz and hence supports the maximum 10.78Gbps data processing. The designed MAC core is applicable to an area that needs a high-speed data processing of 10Gbps or more.


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