The Intermediate Channel Assignment based on Channel Status in High-rate WPAN

HR-WPAN에서 채널 상태에 따른 우회 채널 할당

  • Published : 2006.05.01


Wireless Personal Area Networks(WAPANs) are designed for short-range ad hoc connectivity among portable devices. They have gained much attention in the industry recently. One of them, High-rate WPAN, is designed to support multimedia traffic that requires high data rates. But, High-rate WPAN standards don't specify the time slot assignment scheduling method of CAT(Channel Time Allocation). So, there has been many studies regarding time slot assignment scheduling of CAT. However, present studies involve demerits about not applying various types of errors in air interlace or having a starvation of a specific DEV(data device). In this paper, we propose algorithms about supplying the intermediate channel assignment in order to avoid these demerits. This method will help other methods that use time slot assignment scheduling of CTA.


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