A Design of Low-power/Small-area Arithmetic Units for Mobile 3D Graphic Accelerator

휴대형 3D 그래픽 가속기를 위한 저전력/저면적 산술 연산기 회로 설계

  • Published : 2006.05.01


This paper describes a design of low-power/small-area arithmetic circuits which are vector processing unit powering nit, divider unit and square-root unit for mobile 3D graphic accelerator. To achieve area-efficient and low-power implementation that is an essential consideration for mobile environment, the fixed-point f[mat of 16.16 is adopted instead of conventional floating-point format. The vector processing unit is designed using redundant binary(RB) arithmetic. As a result, it can operate 30% faster and obtained gate count reduction of 10%, compared to the conventional methods which consist of four multipliers and three adders. The powering nit, divider unit and square-root nit are based on logarithm number system. The binary-to-logarithm converter is designed using combinational logic based on six-region approximation method. So, the powering mit, divider unit and square-root unit reduce gate count when compared with lookup table implementation.


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