A Study on 2D/3D Map Navigation System Based on Virtual Reality

VR 기반 2D/3D Map Navigation 시스템에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2006.05.01


This paper aims to build a 2D/3D map navigation that the user can efficiently operate in terms of feeding attribute information after securing 2D/3D space data. This system provides 2D/3D screen navigation that supports variety of operational visual effects and displays the location that the user is retrieving. Also it presents picture information of buildings with higher resolution and URL, name of store, phone number, other related information. Effectiveness of this system is as follows: first, development and distribution of a new technology of 2D/3D spatial database that changes the previous 2D/3D based system concept to the 2D/3D based one. Second, increase of developmental productivity by utilizing the integrated 2D/3D spatial database for developing various interfaces. Finally, it provides security of the preemptive technological position with world class domestic 2D/3D spatial database technologies.


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