A method and analysis of human-error management of a semiconductor industry

반도체산업에서의 인적오류제어방법 및 연구

  • Published : 2006.02.01


Basis frame-work's base in a semiconductor industry have gas, chemical, electricity and various facilities in bring to it. That it is a foundation by fire, power failure, blast, spill of toxicant huge by large size accident human and physical loss and damage because it can bring this efficient, connect with each kind mechanical, physical thing to prevent usefully need that control finding achievement factor of human factor of human action. Large size accident in a semiconductor industry to machine and human and it is involved that present, in system by safety interlock defect of machine is conclusion for error of behaviour. What is not construing in this study, do safety in a semiconductor industry to do improvement. Control human error analyzes in human control with and considers mechanical element and several elements. Also, apply achievement factor using O'conner Model by control method of human error. In analyze by failure mode effect using actuality example.



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