Development of a Prototype New Electric Power Steering (EPS) System

Prototype의 새로운 Electric Power Steering (EPS) System의 개발

  • 송정훈 (인제대학교 기계자동차공학부)
  • Published : 2006.06.01


This study proposes and validates a new column type electric power steering system (EPS-TT). It is driven by a uni-directional motor and two electro-magnetic clutches. The assist motor produces assist torque in only one direction and two clutches transmit the torque to the column of steering system in either left or right direction with respect to the steering input. A full order and a reduced order models are developed to evaluate the EPS-TT. Models are also used to investigate the vehicle responses. A PID control logic is designed to control the torque of the assist motor. A driver model is applied to the system and the resulting performances are analyzed. The results show that the performances of the full order model are similar to those of reduced order model. The results also prove that the performances achieved by the EPS-TT are improved compared to those of a conventional EPS-TT across the frequency domain.


EPS(Electric power steering) System;Steering Torque;Driver Model


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