Perceiving the Orientation of Linear Edges from Kinetic Occlusion

운동 중첩에 의한 직선적 윤곽의 방위 지각

  • 정우현 (연세대학교 인지과학연구소) ;
  • 정찬섭 (연세대학교 심리학과)
  • Published : 2006.09.30


A common constraint-range model was suggested to explain the extraction of edge orientation from kinetic occlusion and five experiments were performed to verify this model. Results of the experiments show that the subjects' ability to identify the orientation of the kinetic edge increases as the angle of common constraint-range decreases. If the common constraint-range was fixed, the number of occluded elements or the interval between them had no effect on the accuracy. These results indicate that in the edge extraction process from kinetic occlusion, the angle of common constraint-range plays more important role than the density of background texture, supporting the common constraint-range model.