A Study on Development and Performance Test of an Air Purify-sterilizer

공기정화 살균기 개발 및 성능검증 연구

  • 정재윤 (한국항공대학교 항공우주 및 기계공학과) ;
  • 장조원 (한국항공대학교 항공운항학과)
  • Published : 2006.09.30


The air purity-sterilizer was developed and the CFD and experimental studies were carried out in order to investigate the performance of a air purity-sterilizer. Overhaul and exchange efficiency were increased by the modularization of the air purity-sterilizer. The good performance was validated by the hot-wire measurements and flow simulations in the room. Mean velocities at the exit of the air purity-sterilizer were 0.91, 1.62, 1.99, and 6.14 m/sec according to the fan mode. And the flow visualization of pured air was shown by using CFD flow simulation in the room of 24, 50 pyeong. The results show that the air purity-sterilizer has a high performance enough to produce air purity-sterilizer on a commercial scale.