A study on the Room Acoustic Renovation of Music Room at Daihyun Elementary School in Yongin

초등학교 음악실의 실내음향 개선에 대한 연구 - 대현초등학교 사례를 중심으로 -

  • Published : 2006.01.30


Elementary school classroom designs have been developed toward open education system to provide students diverse and improved educational environments since the early of 1990 in Korea. Unfortunately, the quality of music room has not still shown dramatic improvements due to the lack of the acoustical knowledges of architects. This report aims to investigate typical acoustic quality of previous or current music room of elementary schools and show new acoustic treatment technologies to improve the room acoustic of music room by adapting composite perforated panel system and diffusion technology. The music room at Daihyun Elementary school in Yongin was chosen as a case study of this report. The music room was measured to be analyzed using field measurements and the acoustical specifications of composite perforated panel systems and kinds of diffusors were set. Acoustic measurements were performed after the renovation to show the differences between previous room acoustic and after the acoustic renovations. As the result, the case study has shown that the new composite perforated panel systems and diffusion surfaces lowered reverberation time at proper level along with improving the clarity of music, RASTI, and spatial impressions. Also, acoustic interferences such as comb filtering and flutter echoes have been controlled dramatically by diffusive surfaces. The study shows music rooms in elementary schools, middle and high schools can be improved by adapting composite perforated panel systems and diffusors.


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