RF Characterizations of Patterned CoNbZr Magnetic Thin Film on Transmission Line

  • Published : 2006.09.01


The microwave power absorption for the patterned CoNbZr magnetic film has been investigated by coplanar waveguide method. The power absorption peaks of the patterned CoNbZr film (50 ${\mu}m$ ${\times}$ 2 mm ${\times}$ 2 ${\mu}m$), were observed at around 5.7 GHz. The observed resonance peak was in good agreement with calculated ferromagnetic resonance frequency including magnetic shape anisotropy effects. Compared with the coplanar waveguide without a magnetic film, the characteristic impedance of patterned film was shown to be increased. This resulted from the large increment of inductance up to 33 % without any significant changes of the capacitance.



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