Fomation and Properties of Multiple-Tone Spatial Light Modulator using Garnet Film with In-Plane Magnetization

  • Tsuzuki, A. (Toyohashi University of Technology) ;
  • Uchida, H. (Toyohashi University of Technology) ;
  • Takagi, H. (Toyota National College of Technology) ;
  • Lim, P.B. (Toyohashi University of Technology) ;
  • Inoue, M. (Toyohashi University of Technology)
  • Published : 2006.09.01


We attempted to fabricate a new type of magneto optic spatial light modulator (MO-SLM) for multiple-tone modulation by using in-plane magnetization. In the MO-SLM, magnetic property of magneto-optical layer was modified to be suitable for multiple-tone expression by substituting Al in Bi:YIG film. At a driving current to 28 mA in an electrode of the fabricated MO-SLM, changes in brightness of pixels were observed using a polarization microscope.


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