A Study on Information Revitalization Plans of Integrated Agriculture Information System

농업 종합 정보 시스템의 제안과 활성화 방안에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2006.06.01


Agriculture is usually the basis of a society, as well as the solution of dietary life. However, compared to other fields in which information-oriented system is rapidly accomplished, information system of agriculture certainly has slow growth since agriculture deals with a living thing. In addition, since government bodies related to filming have faced the difficulty of information system, they have tried establishing independent information system. The current agriculture-informationizing system can be considered as Agricultural Outlook Information System, Integrated agricultural marketing Information System and Outlook & Agricultural Statistics Information System but these systems are not effectively operated contrary to rut expectation, which$\sim\sim\sim$. Actually, there are some problems of bothinvestment duplicated and management by each independent government body, as well as Korea Rural Economic Institute-Commodity Model improper to real situation. In this paper, Agricultural Outlook Information, Integrated agricultural marketing Information, and Outlook h Agricultural Statistics Information System independently operated are integrated; Circulation Control, Technical Support, and integrated Database system are established; new integrated agricultural information system and various kinds of measures for activation of this system are suggested.


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