The design of 800MHz band Broadband Antenna using L-Shaped

L형 급전구조를 이용한 800MHz대 광대역 안테나 설계

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  • Published : 2006.06.01


In this paper, we have designed 800MHz band broadband antenna which is improves of microstrip antenna narrow bandwidth problem including the CDMA band and be able to integrated the GSM and TRS band will design. It used the duplex resonance effect it had the L-Shaped feeding structure which adds the u-slot. It was measured that the frequency bandwidth of the designed antenna which is planed $897MHz\sim1013MHz$ with 215MHz(23.8%). And the antenna gain is 9.3dBi, 3dB beam width $60^{\circ}$ in both the E-plane and H-plane.


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