Event based Rule Processing in Ubiquitous Web Services Environments

유비쿼터스 웹서비스 환경에서 이벤트 기반의 룰 처리 기법

  • Published : 2006.06.01


Ubiquitous computing network comprises a variety of distributed service devices. Today Web services technology enables the heterogeneous devices to provide their own services and interact with each other via well-defined Internet protocol. Nevertheless, service devices in ubiquitous environments require more event-driven, autonomous interaction beyond rather passive service-oriented architecture of the present time. This paper presents an ECA (Event-Condition-Action) rule description language in an attempt to support capability for autonomous interactions among service-oriented devices in ubiquitous computing network. Specifically, the proposed WS-ECA is an XML-based ECA rule description language for web service-enabled devices. The rules are embedded in distributed devices which invoke appropriate services in the network if the rules are triggered by some internal or external events. The presented ECA-based device coordination approach is expected to facilitate seamless inter-operation among the web service-enabled devices in the emerging ubiquitous computing environment.


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