Dynamic O-D Trip estimation Using Real-time Traffic Data in congestion

혼잡 교통류 특성을 반영한 동적 O-D 통행량 예측 모형 개발

  • Published : 2006.04.01


In order to estimate a dynamic origin and destination demand between on and off-ramps in the freeways, a traffic flow theory can be used to calculate a link distribution proportion of traffics moving between them. We have developed a dynamic traffic estimation model based on the three-phase traffic theory (Kerner, 2004), which explains the complexity of traffic phenomena based on phase transitions among free-flow, synchronized flow and moving jam phases, and on their complex nonlinear spatiotemporal features. The developed model explains and estimates traffic congestion in terms of speed breakdown, phase transition and queue propagation. We have estimated the link, on and off-ramp volumes at every time interval by using traffic data collected from vehicle detection systems in Korea freeway sections. The analyzed results show that the developed model describes traffic flows adequately.