An Educational Analysis on Fraction Concept

분수 개념의 의미 분석과 교육적 시사점 탐구

  • Published : 2006.06.01


The fraction concept consists of various meanings and is one of the more abstract and difficult in elementary school mathematics. This study intends to analyze the fraction concept from historical and psychological viewpoints, to examine the current elementary mathematics textbooks by these viewpoints and to seek the direction for improvement of it. Basic ideas about fraction are the partitioning - the dividing of a quantity into subparts of equal size - and about the part-whole relation. So these ideas are heavily emphasized in current textbooks. However, from the learner's point of view, situations related to different meanings of fraction concept draw qualitatively different response from students. So all the other meanings of fraction concept should be systematically represented in elementary mathematics textbooks. Especially based on historico-genetic principle, the current textbooks need the emphasis on the fraction as a measure and on constructing fraction concept by unit fraction as a unit.