Power Consumption Analysis of the Wibro System Using Pilot Control of Uplink Symbol

상향링크 Symbol의 Pilot 제어를 적용한 Wibro 시스템의 전력소비량 분석

  • Published : 2006.08.01


In this paper, proposed the method to increase the battery life of the Wibro terminal by reducing its power consumption. The amount of power consumption was analysed. And as the results, it is shown that the suggested method can be reduced the power consumption. The performance of the proposed system, which control the number of pilot of symbol, analysed by the simulation. It is shown that the power consumption of the terminal can be reduced by the reduction of the CINR for the percentage of pilot per symbol, as 0.48dBm for 10% and 0.95dBm for 20%, which can be accomplished by changing the current system of having the fixed number of pilot.


Wibro;Openloop Power Control;Closeloop Power Control