The Research of the Method and the Classification in Painting Style Between Korean Traditional Ink Paintings and Color Paintings

수묵화, 채색화의 색채 사용 형식 방법 연구 및 분류

  • Published : 2006.08.01


Paying attention to the fact that Korean traditional ink and color paintings are different in their use of colors this paper was intended to demonstrate outcomes from the difference in their painting style through specific paintings and thereby categorizing a broad range of oriental paintings into 4 types(Indian ink light color, middle color, deep color, present color) in accordance with the method of using colors, suggest directions that oriental color paintings should move toward in the future in the diversity of modem Paintings. Due to the characteristics of materials, oriental ink paintings, in style, are light in color within lines, which in return makes colors confined to a complimentary role in an overall picture, not having their unique color identity Nevertheless, there are some paintings that use dark colors, which is called moderate saturation. For such dark-color based paintings, colors play a key role, together with the characteristics of materials of color painting, as colors are used to express the most part of a picture. This study, thus, discusses the difference in the use of color depending on style on one hand, and examined the diversity of modem color paintings through specific works on the other hand, since a number of color paintings similar to western Painting in style have been created today. In such diversity, works that are being currently created should contribute to taking over the tradition and further develop oriental colors with modem aesthetic sensitivity. This paper is aimed to help to do harmonious works with traditional and modern paintings by studying and classifying varieties of colors


Korean Traditional Ink Paintings;Color Paintings;Color