A Study on the Danger of Flickering Phenomena in Animation Production

애니메이션제작에 있어서 명멸현상의 위험성에 관한 연구

  • 전형도 (건동대학교 미디어학부)
  • Published : 2006.08.01


The motion effect of animation can be maximized by using the intended number of frame(flickering phenomena) responding to the viewer's perception in the production processes. But, the high contrast of chroma in a color arrangement can cause very dangerous situation if a particular effect(scheduled number of frame for the intended rapid flickering in a zoom-in scene of the warning light of police car and the traffic light) or a excessive visual stimulus is tried. The danger of flickering phenomena is defined as 'Flash Nervousness Attack Symptom' in medical terminology, which has received wide attention because the damage to the viewers of Pocket Monster was very serious in Japan. Producing a piece of animation work, the quality control of colors is important but the color setting considering the psychological aspects, the danger of repetitive flickering of flashes and patterns in image effect are more serious, so these factors should be checked in the production stages. After investigating the domestic and foreign prescriptions including the guidelines for animation production technique in Japan, a solution to reduce the danger of flickering phenomena of color and light was suggested through statistical comparative analysis with the test results.


Animation;Flickering Phenomena;Chroma