A Basic Study of the Interdisciplinary Education System Based on Digital Technology in Spatial Design -Focused on Sensor Interface Technology and The Third Place-

공간디자인 분야에서 디지털 기술기반 연계교육 시스템에 대한 기초연구 -센서 인터페이스 기술과 제 3의 공간을 중심으로-

  • 천세근 (서울예술대학 실내디자인과/디지털아트학부)
  • Published : 2006.08.01


The practical value of the third place using ubiquitous digital technology has been increasing rapidly, therefore it is inevitable to educate students of spatial design in the interdisciplinary education system based on the unified technology of digital in order to cultivate leading designers to adapt new era of spatial design. After a research for the unified form of spatial planning and case studies of foreign educations, this study addresses the issues to classify the interdisciplinary teaching form into three educational categories digital interactive education, digital unified education and digital creative education. Finally, the study proposes the basic form of the ideal and futuristic education of spatial design with the distinguished results after conducting the model curriculum by the above categories.


The Third Place;Emotional Experience;Sensor Interface;Interactive Installation