IPTV Content Protection Technology: CAS and DRM

IPTV 콘텐츠 보호 기술의 비교 - CAS와 DRM 중심으로

  • Published : 2006.08.01


According to the IT839 strategy which was announced by the Ministry of Information and Communication(MIC) in 2004, the convergence trend of the broadcasting and the communication would be much more promoted. Thus, the methods for protecting the broadcasting contents will be indispensible elements for the successful IPTV service achievement. This paper describes the characteristics of IPTV and the related contents protection techniques. To evaluate several security issues, we suggest a security model for IPTV, and speculate the most widespread, two security technologies for IPTV such as CAS and DRM. Moreover, candidate models of IPTV protection system are suggested based on these technologies.


IPTV Service;DRM;CAS;Copyright Protection;Contents Security