A Study on Pattern of Facial Expression Presentation in Character Animation

애니메이선 캐릭터의 표정연출 유형 연구

  • 홍순구 (순천향대학교 예술학부)
  • Published : 2006.08.01


Birdwhistell explains in the whole communication, language conveys only 35% of the meaning and the rest 65% is conveyed by non-linguistic media. Humans do not entirely depend on linguistic communication, but are sensitive being, using every sense of theirs. Human communication, by using facial expression, gesture as well as language, is able to convey more concrete meaning. Especially, facial expression is a many-sided message system, which delivers Individual Personality, interest, information about response and emotional status, and can be said as powerful communication tool. Though being able to be changed according to various expressive techniques and degree and quality of expression, the symbolic sign of facial expression is characterized by generalized qualify. Animation characters, as roles in story, have vitality by emotional expression of which mental world and psychological status can reveal and read naturally on their actions or facial expressions.


Character Animation;Emotion;Facial Expression;Nonverbal Communication