An Experimental Study on Development of the Opening Apparatus for Oil Boom

오일펜스 전개장치 개발에 관한 실험적 연구

  • Jang Duck-Jong (Department of Maritime Police Science, Yosu National University) ;
  • Na Sun-Chol (Branches of Yeosu, Korea Marine Pollution Response Corporation)
  • 장덕종 (여수대학교 해양경찰학과) ;
  • 나선철 (한국해양오염방제조합 여수지부)
  • Published : 2006.02.01


The study was to review methods by which a ship can unfold and tow an oil boom by attaching the opening apparatus to an oil boom through experiments. The shape and dimension of the opening apparatus were designed with the measurement value of the towing tension load of the oil boom and the dimension of winch drum of the oil boom installed in the ship considered. For the field experiment to identify the performance of the opening apparatus, opening apparatuses were prepared to have the dimension of $3.0m^2$ and $6.0m^2$ which is 91% and 75% of the calculation value for type B and C respectively. As a result, T(kg), the value of tension in type B oil boom according to the towing speed(v) change when two ships are towed together were proved to be $T=920v^{1.1}\;and\;T=500v^{0.9}$ in case the distance is 100 m and 50 m. Based on the result, the dimension of the opening apparatus for type B and C oil boom was calculated as $3.3m^2$ and $8.0m^2$ respectively. When unfolding and towing by attaching the opening apparatus and 200 m of towing line at both ends of type B and type C oil boom, the maximum width of the opening apparatus was shown as 114 m and 95 m in average(width of opening/total length of oil boom: 33% and 57%) in the towing speed of 1.5 kt. It was evaluated that the opening apparatus could concentrate the spilled oil in a good performance. However as far as the increase rate of oil boom opening width according to the length of the towing line is debatable, the increase rate is remarkably reduced when it is lengthened from 100 m to 150 m and to 200 m although it showed extreme increase of 31% and 40% when the length of the towing line was changed from 50 m to 100 m. Therefore, it is inferred that the towing line should be maintained more or less 100 m to get good spread efficiency of the opening apparatus. Additionally, if the towing speed is faster than 1.5 kt, the opening width was narrowed because of the reduced spread efficiency and the shape of the oil boom can be unstable because of the partial sinking of the oil boom, run over waves, or flap of skirt. Thus the reasonable towing speed can be within 1.5 kt for the operation of the opening apparatus.