Evaluation Model for Restraint Effect of Pressure Induced Bending on the Circumferential Through-Wall Crack Opening Considering Plastic Behavior

소성거동을 고려한 원주방향 관통균열 열림에 미치는 압력유기굽힘의 구속효과 평가 모델

  • Published : 2006.09.01


This paper presents the model for evaluating restraint effect of pressure induced bending (PIB) on the circumferential through-wall crack opening displacement (COD), which considers plastic behavior of crack. This study performed three-dimensional elastic-plastic finite element (FE) analyses for different crack angle, restraint length, pipe geometry, stress level, and material conditions, and evaluated the influence of each parameter on the PIB restraint effect on COD. Based on these evaluations and additional perfectly-plastic FE analyses, a closed-form model to evaluate the restraint effect of PIB on the plastic crack opening of circumferential through-wall crack, was proposed as functions of crack angle, restraint length, radius to thickness ratio, axial stress corresponding to an internal pressure, and normalized COD evaluated from linear-elastic crack opening condition.


Pressure Induced Bending;Restraint Effect;Crack Opening;Plastic Behavior;Evaluation Model


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