Method of Motion Graphic Design Approach from Postmodern Point of View

포스트모던적 관점에서 본 모션그래픽 디자인 접근 방안

  • 김교완 (남서울대학교 시각정보디자인학과) ;
  • 홍수정 (백석대학교 디자인영상학부)
  • Published : 2006.09.01


Motion graphic is also developing into its own genre in graphic design by establishing individual industrial fields. images and graphics but also recognize even motions and sounds as communication elements delivering a message. Nevertheless, web communication designers have yet to experimentally test the visual motion priniciples or the audio sound expressions in terms of technology. If the dance are used, they may be new communication approaches in the age of multi-media, which allows for communication of visual and audio information or images. With such conceptions in mind, this study was aimed at reviewing the structural relationship between visual motion principles of the kinetic and the sound images to combine the audio and video effects. To this end, the basic structure of dance and music were substituted into the dance to determine their relevancy, and thereupon, examine the effective sound expression methods and techniques depending on movements of the objects in the monitor. Thus, this study, by inquiring into the uniqueness of choreography in motion graphic, presents the possibility of limitless expression of designer creation and inner world, and the ultimate goal lies in assuring the artistic value of motion graphic and its position as a synthetic art.