An Analysis for Failure Mechanisms and Strength Evaluation on Brazed Joint

브레이징 접합부의 강도평가 및 고장분석

  • Published : 2006.10.01


The present paper is aiming at the evaluation for failure mechanisms and static strength of brazed joints used in household electronics. For these purposes, the failure analysis was performed on the various brazed joints, through the bursting, the micro-Victors hardness tests and 3-dimensional X-ray technique. The failure modes of brazed joints were classified into two different types, based on the results of bursting pressure test by means of self-designed internal-pressure testing machine. Their failure mechanism was dependent on the relationship between heat effect occurred in manufacturing process and internal flaws such as incomplete penetration and pin hole. Also, a finite element analysis was performed to evaluate the stress distribution with respect to the heat and the internal flaws.


Brazed Joint;Failure Mechanisms;Finite Element Analysis;Strength Evaluation


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