The Clinical Study of Stress Perceived by 50 patients with Bell's palsy

구안와사 환자 50례의 스트레스 정도에 관한 임상적 연구

  • 옥민근 (동서한방병원 안이비인후피부과) ;
  • 허연식 (동서한방병원 안이비인후피부과) ;
  • 김창환 (동서한방병원 안이비인후피부과) ;
  • 박수은 (동서한방병원 안이비인후피부과)
  • Published : 2006.12.25


Objective : This study is to explore the various of the stress by perceived by paitents with Bell's palsy Methods : 50 patients who were diagnosed as Bell's palsy were sequentially interviewed and examined Results : The results were as follows 1. The mean average PWI(Psychosocial well-being index, total : score)was $41.58{\pm}17.53$ :Factor I(Social performance and self-confidence) with a mean of $11.18{\pm}8.38$, Fact II( Depression) with a mean of $8.94{\pm}6.26$, Factor III(Sleeping disturbance and anxiety) with a mean $of7.56{\pm}5.20$, Factor IV(General well-being and vatality)with a mean $of9.90{\pm}4.44$ 2. With the respect to the general characteristics of subjects, there were statistically significant differences in the patients's stress perception by sex, having an occupation and the amount of sleeping time. Conclusions : We needed the further study about the relation between stress and Bell's palsy


stress;PWI;Bell's palsy