One case of Allergic Conjunctivitis

알레르기성 결막염 환자 1례

  • 구영희 (강남경희한방병원 안이비인후피부과) ;
  • 이규진 (강남경희한방병원 안이비인후피부과)
  • Published : 2006.12.25


Allergic conjunctivitis is frequent 90% of allergic reaction of eyes. It is difficult to know the cause, so it is impossible to keep away from the antigens. The purpose of the treatment is just subsiding the symptoms without side effects. We experienced one case of Allergic conjunctivitis treated with oriental medical treatment, acupuncture and herbal medication. 27 year-old male patient had diagnosed Allergic conjunctivitis by western medical doctor. He suffered from eye itching, so he couldn't sleep well. After treatment his itching was subsided and he could sleep well. Therefore, oriental medical treatments could be safe and effective methods.


Allergic conjunctivitis;Oriental medical treatment