A Study on the Dynamic Characteristics of the Bi-modal Tram with All-Wheel-Steering System

전차륜 조향 장치를 장착한 굴절궤도 차량의 주행특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2007.08.31


The bi-modal tram guided by the magnetic guidance system has two car-bodies and three axles. Each axle of the vehicle has an independent suspension to lower the floor of the car and improve ride quality. The turning radius of the vehicle may increase as a consequence of the long wheel base. Therefore, the vehicle is equipped with the All-Wheel-Steering(AWS) system for safe driving on a curved road. Front and rear axles should be steered in opposite directions, which means a negative mode, to minimize the turning radius. On the other hand, they also should be steered in the same direction, which means a positive mode, for the stopping mode. Moreover, only the front axle is steered for stability of the vehicle upon high-speed driving. In summary, steering angles and directions of the each axle should be changed according to the driving environment and steering mode. This paper proposes an appropriate AWS control algorithm for stable driving of the bi-modal tram. Furthermore, a multi-body model of the vehicle is simulated to verify the suitability of the algorithm. This model can also analyze the different dynamic characteristics between 2WS and AWS.


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