Synthesis of Potential Anticancer 6-Allylthio-3-aminopyridazine Derivatives

잠재적 항암작용이 있는 6-Allylthio-3-aminopyridazine 유도체의 합성

  • Published : 2007.06.20


A series of new 6-allylthio-3-aminopyridazine derivatives was synthesized through allylthiolation, amination and expected for anti-tumor activity. The pyridazine nucleus was obtained by condensing hydrazine monohydrate with maleic anhydride. 3,6-Dichloropyridazine was synthesized from 3,6-dihydroxypyridazine by treating with POCl3. 6-Allylthio-3-chloropyridazine was prepared from the reaction of 3,6-dichloropyridazine with allylmercaptan and sodium hydroxide. The heterocycles with nitrogen nucleophile such as morpholine, piperazine, pyrazole, imidazole, pyrrolidine, piperidine, perhydroazepine, and perhydroazocine were introduced into 3-position of pyridazine ring. The substitution reaction of 6-allylthio-3-chloropyridazine with heteroamines was performed by refluxing for 24~48 h in n-buthanol with NH4Cl.




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