A Study on Policy Design of Secure XML Access Control

안전한 XML 접근 제어의 정책 설계에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2007.11.30


Access control techniques should be flexible enough to support all protection granularity levels. Since access control policies are very likely to be specified in relation to document types, it is necessary to properly manage a situation in which documents fail to be dealt with by the existing access control policies. The existing access control has not taken information structures and semantics into full account due to the fundamental limitations of HTML. In addition, access control for XML documents allows only read operations, and there exists the problem of slowing down system performance due to the complex authorization evaluation process. In order to resolve this problem, this paper designs a XML Access Control Management System which is capable of making fined-grained access control. And then, in developing an access control system, it describes the subject and object policies of authorization for XML document on which authorization levels should be specified and which access control should be performed.


XML;Authorization;Policy;Access Control