Culture Management through Vision and Practical of Jewelry Design Education

주얼리 디자인 전공 교육의 비젼과 실무를 통한 문화경영

  • 심관선 (La zucca 디자인 스튜디오)
  • Published : 2007.11.30


Social recognition conversion of the jewelry-related industries must be preceded by changes of responsibility of both the staff in charge and educators in education objections. Based on the debate of whether or not increasing (public) interest in jewelry design will subsequently lead to bringing about vision and possibility in the form of cultural management, this paper examined the influences that logical systematization of jewelry design and educational process of jewelry designers' ethics have on the next generation of the cultural industry of jewelry. Through the education and the industry of Italy, this paper analyzed existent method of design, current trend, and new content sand cases of design management that are based on types of consumption. In addition, it also provided the developmental possibility of future culture industry, and the foundation of ethical philosophy of jewelry education that lies beyond national economic power. I intend to imply significance of how designer's perception and conduct provides the whole new conventional foundation of sympathy and sensitivity and the existent method of design.


Jewelry Design Culture Management;Jewelry Design Existence Method;Designers' Ethics